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Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Fare

 The Fall/Winter garden harvest might be my favorite.  Especially turnips.  I can't say I've always liked them... I've tried making various stews and what-not, but the grocery store variety just tasted foul.  But fresh out of the garden, especially after a frost, those are great!  I treat them just like a potato to make hash browns, mashed turnips.  Never tried a baked turnip... the comparison might break down there :)
So I pulled up 3 smallish turnips and steamed them, along with their greens, with some carrots and garlic.  Added some fresh parsley and bacon to the turnips, carrots, and garlic for a great side paired with some grilled steaks.  Simmered the turnip greens with the bacon drippings and voila!  Good eats!
 Now I just need to find a few acres to raise my own beef and pork.

To date, I've only grown the traditional purple topped variety.  However, I have big plans for next year with entire garden beds dedicated to turnips :)

Baker Creek ( has a number of delicious looking varieties purported to be both sweeter and more complex (some slightly nutty, others richer) than the standard purple tops.
I suppose I'll have to pick one... turnips are a bit more difficult to give away than tomatoes :)

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