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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Early Spring (April 2014)

  Long overdue update.  I tried to start some seeds in cheapo potting soil and they just didn't do well.  I'm going to stop buying bagged soil and try to source it locally instead.  Not thrilled with the price or the petroleum byproducts in the bagged stuff.  This was supposed to be some turnips, onions, chives, and celeriac.

  The pepper seedlings have taken well.  Though I had to modify the peat pod seedling kits.  They work wonderfully to get a seedling going.  But the soil seems to leach all of the moisture out of the peat, and then it becomes hydrophobic.  So even while the surrounding soil is nice and moist, the plant roots are stuck in a dried out ball of peat.  Next year I'll try moving the seedlings into small pots instead of directly into the garden.

The Jerusalem Artichoke patch is quite a bit bigger than last year.  I'll leave this little corner wild and overgrown with the bramble cutoffs tossed in the middle.  Three rabbits have taken up residence in there from time to time.  They've left most of the garden alone and prefer to chomp on the clover.

  The new additions this year included 4 grapes.  The concord seedless are coming out quite nicely.

  I also planted Kiwis this year.  Both of the female plants are doing well, but the male dropped all of its leaves and looks to be quite dead.  I'll wait a few months to see what happens.

  The two muscadine grapes also look dead for all intents and purposes.  I hate waiting.

   The greens bed has a few bits of Kale, Bok Choy, Swiss Chard, and various lettuces popping up

  There's also the garlic I planted last fall that seems to be doing well

  I opted not to grow corn this year, and converted the bed to grow melons, cucumbers, and bush beans.

   And then finally we have the tomato patch.  Sadly, all of these lovely baby plants that were grown since January got completely taken out by a late frost.  The backup seedlings just never took off, and even the backup, backup direct planted seeds didn't do anything.  I had to resort to buying plants, ugh.  oh well, next year.

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